Hearing loss and cognitive decline: Study probes link

Recent research adds to a growing body of knowledge that links hearing loss with cognitive decline, which is a hallmark of dementia and often precedes the disease.

After analyzing 8 years of data from a health study of more than 10,000 men, scientists at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, both in Boston, MA, found that hearing loss is tied to an appreciably higher risk of subjective cognitive decline.

In addition, the analysis revealed that the size of the risk went up in line with the severity of hearing loss.

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Hearing Loss Linked to Mental Decline in Elderly

Hearing Loss Linked to Memory Decline in ElderlyHearing loss and mental decline are two common conditions of aging, and now a new study finds that they may be related.

Older people with hearing deficits were more likely than those with normal hearing to develop problems with memory and thinking over the course of the study.

On average, the study participants with hearing issues had significant mental impairments three years earlier than those without them.

Untreated Hearing Loss Common

About two-thirds of adults over the age of 70 have some degree of hearing loss. 

And the number of people with dementia is projected to double over the next two decades as the population ages.

The researchers now hope to study whether hearing aids can slow mental decline in the elderly.

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