Aging Into a Better Life

SEVERAL YEARS AGO, Jeanne Daley was hit with three back-to-back challenges: Her husband died, she fell and fractured a knee and an elbow, and her son was transferred to Colorado for work, not long after she’d moved to Pennsylvania to live near him.

“I was just about ready to give up on everything,” she says.

But then, another son in Vermont set her up in an income-restricted apartment complex designed for older adults in Burlington. “I came up to Vermont and thought maybe I’d last six months if I was lucky – and that was five years ago,” Daley says.

Daley’s building isn’t standard low-income housing. It’s part of the state’s Support and Services at Home program, a housing-based initiative that addresses many health and social needs of low-income seniors and some disabled adults in the settings where they spend the most time: their homes and their communities.

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