Having New Year’s Resolutions As You Age Might Just Save Your Life

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS might seem trite, especially as you age. But think again. When you look at them, resolutions are goals. And when you have goals, you have purpose.

Studies in the past have hinted at the benefit of purpose for older adults. But a study published in 2019 actually shows that having purpose may extend your life.

Data from 7,000 Americans ages 51 and 61 explored the relationship between mortality and purpose. Purpose was defined as “a self-organizing life aim that stimulates goals.”

People without strong purpose were more than twice as likely to die during the study period, regardless of income, gender, race or education. Purpose, it seems, is better at attaining longevity than reducing drinking, stopping smoking and conversely, even better than exercising regularly.

Full article at US News

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