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Counselling sessionIf you think that your grandpa, elderly neighbor and that nice older couple at church aren’t prone to desperate measures, think again.

The highest suicide rate of any age group occurs amongst those aged 65 and older. That’s one suicide every 90 minutes in this country.

People in this age group often retire and may also lose a daily routine and their connection to family and the outside world. They may be on more medications and having trouble making ends meet to pay for those prescriptions in addition to rent and food. Family may have taken away the loved one’s license so he or she can’t even drive any more and are dependent on others to get anywhere.

It’s a quick slide from those circumstances to depression and feeling like a burden, Mental Health in Genesee County Executive Director Millie Tomidy-Pepper said.

“I would never think that an elderly person would take their own life. I think when you talk about suicide that is when they’ve lost hope,” she said. “What’s the purpose in their lives? There are ways you can turn the conversation around.”

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